Cantor Look

Hey guyss ~ Philip (@pensivephilip) and I did picture things again! Here are some shots that we got at the Cantor Art museum at Stanford ❤ me blocking beautice art me blocking more beautice art me through some beautice art me reading ( but really just looking at the pictures) a book me by some […]

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FINALLY!!! I’ve been meaning to “collaborate” with my baby brother for soo long! It has been hard though, since our styles are so different. He’s into street style, but don’t call him a hype beast. And I’m not so into street style lol. TBH most of the time our outfits completely clash. But there finally […]

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SF Rooftops

Hey guys~ This post is an extra special because I finally got to collaborate with my oldest friend, Theresa (literally known her since I was 1 lol). We’ve been talking about this for so long and it finally freaking happened and it is glorious. While looking around SF for locations, we found this awesome empty […]

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Hole-y Moly

Hey guys~ It me. Another look for the books! I went around exploring with the fabulous Nicole (@wontonface) again and we found another greenhouse-ish type thing. This greenhouse was more lowkey than the other one we visited (check out my last post “somewhere only we know”!) , so I thought a slightly more fun outfit would […]

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Somewhere only we know

Hey guys~ It’s been awhile, but now that I’m done studying for finals I can finally… begin studying for the DATs … But I do have more free time, so I teamed up again with the amazing Nicole (follow her @wontonface) to do a photoshoot in the UC Davis greenhouses. I fell in love with […]

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The Jean Pool

I’m a bit late to the whole spring thing, but now that the weather’s nicer I’ve found myself experimenting with denim and color (omg) a lot more! Here are some looks I’ve created from dipping into my closet’s “jean pool”…get it? Look 1 This first look features my two current faves, this dope ass bandana […]

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Spring Break 17′

Guys, I hellllllla spring breaked this year. Usually I opt for a really chill, sleep in and hang out with my family for spring break. But this year, my sisters and I decided to go big(ish). Originally, we were supposed to go to Italy with my dad, but the airline effed up! Honestly, it was awful […]

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Scanda-loose and lacy ;)

Hey guys~ So this is what I wear to school basically on a daily basis. jokes… if only my life was that lux I actually wore this out on date night with my Isaac. The idea behind it was to look like a goddamn SMOKE SHOW while still feeling really comfortable. I had a lot […]

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Seattle-6 months late

So about forever ago my sisters and I went to Seattle together for the first time! This was our first trip with just the three of us, so I wanted to make a post about it to document it. Site-Seeing Everyone says Seattle is rainy and really effing cold, but when we went it was […]

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Feeling “Cultured”

UC Davis finally opened the new art museum! I’ve been looking forward to this for awhile now, so getting to finally take a look inside was super satisfying. The Manetti Shrem Museum of Art was free of charge and so weird; therefore, totally worth it. Much recommend. They don’t allow photography inside the gallery, so […]

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